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BC Tourism Sustainability Network

Following the success and intense industry uptake of the BC Tourism Resiliency Network, the BC Regional Tourism Secretariat (BCRTS) engaged Lauren’s expertise to launch a similar business support program focused on providing sustainability support and resources to BC tourism businesses. In January of 2023, the BC Tourism Sustainability Network was born.

BC Tourism Sustainability Network

The BCTSN is a free program that provides support to Tourism businesses across BC by helping them implement sustainable practices and have a positive impact in their communities. Through this work, BCTSN aims to support businesses to create a more sustainable and regenerative future.

As project manager, Lauren was once again in the position to both develop and deliver this programming in partnership with seasoned program advisors that help individual businesses create an actionable plan to implement sustainable strategies for energy, water, and waste management, climate action, UN Sustainable Development goals, and regenerative tourism.
It’s the conversation around sustainable and regenerative tourism that really spoke to Lauren’s passions. Sustainable tourism focuses on leaving a destination the same as when you arrived, where regenerative tourism creates an idea of leaving a destination even better than when you found it.

It’s through community, industry, and First Nations partnerships, that are reflected in the partner organizations, that make the BCTSN possible and provide a roadmap for a more sustainable and restorative future for tourism and the province as a whole.

Sustainable and restorative tourism has become increasingly important to the future of the province both economically and environmentally. The BCTSN is a collaboration between BC Tourism Climate Resiliency Initiative and its partner organizations, including Destination BC, the six Regional Destination Management Organizations (RDMOs), Indigenous Tourism BC, and the BC Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture & Sports.

This province-wide partnership allowed increased initial support and reach which Lauren knew would be pivotal to creating an accessible entrypoint for continued conversation about restorative tourism in BC.

Taking a page out of the BC Tourism Resiliency Network’s playbook, Lauren and her team have set up the BCTSN to provide unparalleled and actionable support to the tourism industry in it’s first phase. Based on the initial successes, the project launched its next phase in January 2024, continuing its essential work in sustainable tourism.

Lauren's expertise in inclusion has been instrumental in ensuring that the Sustainability Network's work is accessible and inclusive to all, and creates an accessible entry point for businesses to embrace sustainable practices.

Lauren is delighted to see the BCTSN enter its second phase, and is proud to be partnering with both the BC Regional Tourism Secretariat and Destination BC to continue the development and delivery of this important program.

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