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Tourism Nanaimo 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion

Promoting inclusion in the tourism industry is essential to create safe and inclusive destinations and Lauren’s work with Tourism Nanaimo ensures that diversity isn't just celebrated - it's woven into the fabric of the tourism experience.

Tourism Nanaimo 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion

On an ongoing basis, Lauren has supported Tourism Nanaimo with staff and Industry Leader Training, Policy Review and Development, Marketing Guidance and Direct Business Support, ran the Nanaimo 2SLGBTQ+ Experience Survey, and developed the 2023 Nanaimo Pride Guide.

As with much of her work, Lauren’s focus is on taking steps to ensure that diversity and inclusion efforts are rooted in the needs and direct feedback and involvement of the community. Creating relevant, timely, and informed resources, supports, outreach, and research is pivotal to the work Lauren has undertaken to help create a more inclusive Nanaimo for residents and visitors alike.

The Tourism Nanaimo 2SLGBTQ+ Experience Survey is a vital step towards achieving that goal. The survey's aim was to collect experiential and analytical data from visitors and locals to promote inclusion and support the 2SLGBTQ+ community in Nanaimo. Data collected over the two-year period included information on ares from perceived visitor safety to housing concerns of residents. This wide-spread and detailed approach meant that the data was exceptionally useful for informing present and future inclusion initiatives.

The work Lauren has done with Tourism Nanaimo and the 2SLGBTQ+ Experience Survey is an example of what she calls doing the “pre-work” - so that when you deliver inclusive initiatives, they have a tangible and lasting impact with strategies supported by data, research, and community involvement.

Lauren thoroughly enjoys the work she has been able to do in partnership withTourism Nanaimo and is committed to elevating Nanaimo's reputation as an inclusive destination. Through collaborative efforts with the local Pride Society, allied businesses, and the broader community, Lauren is proud to have strengthened Tourism Nanainmo’s 2SLGBTQ+ relationships.

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